One of my angiogram taking place with Dr N.Banner & Dr M.Dalby.

The Big Question? Does it HURT? No!
In Fact I Find Them Quite Interesting

This is a way to look at your heart, check the blood flow around and through the heart, also you can check the pressures within the heart chambers. 

This is my first angiogram since transplant, I have had several before in connection with aorta valve replacement. Nothing to eat from the night before, also you have to shave your groin area (just as it is starting to grow again). Then down to theatre, you lay on the operating bed wearing one of those bottom revealing gowns, then the doctor prepares you. More of that yellow cold liquid, then a blue sheet with a hole in it, to cover all the area except were he needs to cut. Local anaesthetic in groin area, small cut so he can insert the wire into your vein, then it is threaded up to the heart. At this point you have a great view of every thing going on inside yourself, on monitors on the left hand side. A dye is then pumped up the wire into your heart, then you can see it quite clearly, as I said I find all this very interesting and it doesn’t hurt a bit. They are taking some readings and other medical data they need. then it’s all over approx 30/40mins but it seems a lot quicker. The wire is removed, pressure is applied to the cut/vein for about 1 or 2mins, then a plaster, then a long six hours bed rest keeping that leg still. After the six hours are up you are allowed to get up and start walking around again approx 1 hour later you can go home again

You have an Angiogram about two weeks after Transplant to get a base line, then your next Angiogram is on your first year anniversary. The doctors can then compare this one with the one you had shortly after transplant.

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