Mission Statement
Charity Registration No 1106248

To Transplant and Beyond was established to give hope, encouragement and support to transplant patients, their families, friends and carers during a very traumatic time in their lives. It conveys the positive side of transplantation, by showing what can be achieved and by encouraging as many people as possible to join the donor register, so that many more lives can be saved.

The Charity is totally non-profit and all the committee members give up their time for free.

The Charity was formed in August 2000 by our Chairman John Fisher, shortly after his heart transplant.
We became a Registered UK Charity in August 2004 due to the escalating costs and a desire to do more.

* We promote the organ donor register and encourage people to think and talk about organ transplantation, in the hope that they will join the organ donor register. Fact:- over 400 people in the UK each year die due to the lack of organs available for transplantation.

* We support patients and carers pre & post transplant, which includes hospital visits, talks and presentations.

* We are members of several committees which enables us to stand up for heart patients, and ensure they get the best deal possible.

* We get regular national media coverage and raise positive transplant and donor awareness.

* We are affiliated to the British Heart Foundation

* We give talks and presentations on transplantation, and also attend several seminars as one of the main speakers.

* We built this website in August 2000 and have maintained it, with regular up dates and new information.

All the above cost money that we desperately need funding for, if you can help then pleased do make a donation.

Thanks to the generous donations we have had in the past we have slowly grown and been able to help more people.

We would very much appreciated any donation you are able to make.

Transplants Save Lives

We totally rely on donations to fund the charity, including this website which has remained free for over 21years.
We are very reluctant to add google ads etc, so please make a small donation to help pay for the day to day running costs of the charity and website.
Note we are non-profit and run totally by volunteers.

To Transplant & Beyond is a UK registered non-profit charity No 1106248

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