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Tuesday 21st September

Today I had my 3rd covid 19 vaccination.
My first two vaccinations were astrazeneca, and my 3rd was Moderna. The first 24hours afterwards I felt fine, but after 24 hours my arm was quite sore and my body ached for the next 12 hours.
Now I feel great again and pleased to be fully vaccinated. 

Thursday 9th September 2021

I had planned to run the London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October in London to raise transplant and organ donation awareness, and to celebrate being 21years post heart transplant. 
Good old common sense prevailed, it doesn’t make sense for someone 21years post heart transplant and immune suppressed to be running the streets of London with 40,000 other runners and over 100,000 people supporting during this pandemic.
My dear cousin Gemma stepped up and said she would run in my place, this will be her first marathon. I am not one to be totally beaten, so I will run the Virtual London marathon on the same day, but will be running 26.2miles on a route close to my home and running alone.
Gemma and I are also hoping to raise some money to support this charity and fund this new website as well as other projects we have planned.
If you can please sponsor us in our efforts, help pay for this website, which will offer help, support, advice and some positive information to others who may well be following in my foot steps on their own transplant journey.
To sponsor Gemma and I please follow this link.

This is my cousin Gemma who will be taking my place in the 2021 London Marathon, her first ever..
Please support her and me by sponsoring us for this event.

 Friday 3rd September 2021

I have just taken part in an event called Vätternrundan, its an over night 315km (195.7mile) cycle around a lake in Sweden. First time I did it in 2019 I assumed it would be flat as it went around a lake, I couldn’t have been more wrong. 
This year it was in September and I started at 22.22, during the night it got very cold down to around 2 degrees and was dark until around 05.30.
I had to dig very deep in-order to complete it.
21years post heart transplant and 59years old and still able to do such crazy events.
I am not expecting any of you be as crazy as I am, I just show what is possible if you are as lucky as I have been.
I know some of you have had a much harder and more difficult transplant journey than I have, set your own goals and enjoy the extra time we have been given.
Transplants Save Lives.

Monday 23rd August 2021

A couple of years ago getty images contacted me and stated that some of the photo’s on the website where owned by them, even though some of these images were of me. They then said I had to pay a fairly large fee for having used the images and a further fee to continue using them. I pointed out that this is a non-profit charity and is only here to help others.
Long story short I decided to take the website down and continue I dispute with them.
Now at last I have decided to not be beaten by them and rebuild the website, I also believe that their policy has now changed and that non-profit use of their images is now fine, not that I have ever intended to use their images and state very clearly to press photographers that I reserve the right to use all images taken of me. 
So…here it is at long last the website is back online and I hope that you find the information useful and encouraging.
On the right is a screen shot of the old website that I built while still in hospital recovering from my heart transplant, I have decided to pretty much keep the old lay out and design although it is a bit dated being over 21years old now. 

This is a screen shot of the old website that I built while still in hospital recovering from my heart transplant

Transplants Save Lives

We totally rely on donations to fund the charity, including this website which has remained free for over 21years.
We are very reluctant to add google ads etc, so please make a small donation to help pay for the day to day running costs of the charity and website.
Note we are non-profit and run totally by volunteers.

To Transplant & Beyond is a UK registered non-profit charity No 1106248

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